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10 Best and Useful Marketing Automation Tools In 2023 For Businesses

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10 Best and Useful Marketing Automation Tools In 2023 For Businesses

Marketing automation technology is the modern technology that enhances workflows in the digital marketing industry. A major number (around 56%) of businesses are using marketing automation tools as it is a lucrative marketing investment. Marketing automation tools enhance business efficiency where multiple options are available to choose from various solutions and features.

Not only large enterprises, but other sizes of businesses also started adapting this technology and researchers are expecting by 2025 this industry would grow by $7.63 billion. In this blog, we’ll discuss 10 perfect tools of marketing Automation in 2023 that each size of business can adopt.

Marketing Automation Tools – The Definition

These tools are kinds of automated software that users can set to repeat marketing tasks automatically. It can be emails, CRM updates, posting something on a particular platform, SMS, sales lead rotation, drip sequences and many more. Task automation is beneficial for businesses as it increases the overall efficiency of your services and helps you with arranging and saving your time for your high-level projects.

Factors that help you choose the useful marketing automation tools

B2B, B2C, and SBM can use the matching automation products where B2B needs these automation tools at a big level. So when you choosing these tools, there are some key factors that you should consider to get the right tool for you –

  1. Budget and Business Requirements

    You need to think about your requirements and evaluate the budget for investing in these apps. If the industry is huge, you can sum up a statement that how efficient is the tool and how it helps focus on your task to give bet return. These software tools are cost-efficient for long time consumption.

  2. Research

    Before you use any marketing automation tool, you should know how easily it can integrate with your services. Researchers can manage your data or not, then also, check whether the tool allows your multiple actions because some automation software limits the number of actions.

  3. Software Usage

    Ensure that the automation software interface is working perfectly with your website or apps and other platforms where you are active. Check its UX to see if its navigation is easy or difficult. It should also give proper tutorials and customer support for easy usage.

  4. Demo Availability

    Before you choose the Marketing automation tool, you should request a demo or try the free trial. It’ll help you determine the best of its features so that you can use them further. We’ll now discuss the tools to help you get the right tool.

Top-rated Marketing Automation Tools to Consider in 2023

  1. Omnisend

    Omnisend is an omnichannel platform that combines SMS and email marketing. This automation platform is for ecommerce which offers useful automation workflows. It has pre-built templates. Omnisend has a user-friendly visual builder where you can create forms, workflows, tailored campaigns, pop-ups, emails and landing pages. It’s an affordable option for e-commerce businesses. Whether you gather customer information manually or use Omnisend, leverage these data points and set up a sequence of SMS or emails for your targeted audience.
    Its basic trial is free and suitable for small businesses. Large-size organisations can purchase the paid plans starting at a monthly $16.

  2. Marketo

    Founded in 2006, Marketo is the powerful marketing automation software that Adobe acquired later and integrated with its marketing cloud. This tool has a complete knowledge base guide and tutorials for beginners and experts. The Adobe integration is directly connected to the data measurement and you can use personalization and experimentation suite for enterprise automation.
    Marketo provides scalable features for each size of business to attract a targeted audience across channels. You can generate prospective leads using this tool which is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Netsuite, and SugarCRM. You can also identify the prospects using AI and one can also store regular activity records. For the smallest businesses, it could be out of range as it doesn’t provide any free trial. Ask the Adobe sales department for a quote.

  3. ManyChat

    Marketing automation is more than an email as it works as a chatbot. It’s like conversations on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Direct Messages and WhatsApp. The chatbot uses templates and interfaces to create within minutes. You can use this chatbot on different marketing platforms and you can sync your CRM to learn about your users. It offers a free monthly plan with over 1,000 contacts through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Direct Messages, and WhatsApp. The paid plans start at $15 monthly.

  4. Engagebay

    Engagebay is an automation platform for medium-sized enterprises which is known for marketing, sales and support. This software tool has a huge range of features such as social media management; email marketing, A/B testing, autoresponders, canned responses, website chat and more.
    EngageBay is available to use free of cost. The advanced paid plans are starting at $10.39 monthly. With EngageBay’s automation tools, you can capture customers’ complete journey where you can impress your consumers via key information as it can solve many issues in the software. Over 12,000 businesses are using EngageBay.

  5. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is an affordable automation solution which is perfectly designed for small businesses. It’s the best tool to implement basic functionalities. Use this tool to connect with prospects and be compatible with WooCommerce and Eventbrite. This tool offers multiple features such as sending welcome emails to subscribers, and non-respondent audiences. You can also build automated trigger campaigns and can work with search ads and social media ads.
    Constant Contact has many email tracking tools and mail contact list-creating tools. If you want to integrate this tool with different software, you can do it with Shopify, Salesforce, Outlook and Mindbody. It’s available to purchase in three plans, the Lite at $5/month, email at $20/month and Email Plus at $45/month.

  6. ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign is useful for marketing automation, CRM and email marketing. It consists of flexible functionality and is rated one of the best automation tools. You can easily reach multiple people at once and cut down on busywork.

    It’s not a great choice for newbies or people with less tech knowledge because it takes some time to learn everything but once you learn, it can work perfectly for your business. It features many functions like site tracking, List segmenting, Automation maps, split actions, subscription forms, Predictive sending, A/B split testing and much more.

    It doesn’t offer free plans or any trial however you can purchase different plans for businesses beginning at $29 per month.

  7. Eloqua

    Oracle provides this automation tool, Eloqua filled with ultimate features to deliver personalised campaigns. Around 700+ third-party integrations within this tool allow you to gather personal details through app usage, web visits, newsletters and much more.

    This feature helps you create marketing campaigns of dynamic, up-sell and cross-channel automation. Depending on the audience’s actions on the site, Eloqua makes it easy to identify and segment them. For the pricing, you’ll need to contact the support team.

  8. HubSpot

    If you wish to use less number of tools, then HubSpot is a good choice to use as marketing automation. It helps in customer service, sales and marketing in one platform.

    Its functionality is powerful in terms of customer sentiment. It’s the full growth suit where businesses can unleash many creative automation possibilities. One can also craft conditional workflows using the visual board available in this software. It can be difficult to learn at first, but later on, the creative possibilities will have no limit. With its suites, you can also access many other features like Ad tracking and management, Blog post and SEO planning, AI-powered live chat, A/B split testing and much more.

    So the choice is yours, either you wish to create a complex and smart network of rules integrating live chat, web experience etc or create a normal email list to respond automatically. This tool can also be used for data management, getting team notifications, contact and client organization and more.

  9. Moosend

    Moosend caters to ecommerce and SaaS and many other industries. It’s an automation feature tool which you can use to track and trigger the website. It let you send the email campaigns to only interested contacts.
    It also helps in customer data collection and management as you can build service recommendation campaigns depending on the service views and likes. And with this data, you can check the progress of your campaign and measure the activity of users to get help in making effective promotion emails.The first 1-month trial is free of cost in Moosend and the purchasing plans start at $9 monthly.

  10. Acoustic

    Acoustic is the best marketing automation solution for multi-channel marketers. If you are in charge of large volume management having multiple parts, then, you should go for this tool. It helps in social media, email campaigns, mobile apps, SMS, print ads and other places where the audience is active. This tool features budgeting tools, split testing, customer journey mapping, AI-recommended triggers, one-to-one ads, budgeting tools and advanced personalisation.

    The best part is, this automation tool has an active community to help with your queries and provide learning tools and videos. The monitoring feature allows measurement and analytics of the marketing data. Even, though it’s not the most basic tool, huge businesses can take advantage and contact their team to know the available pricing of the software.

In conclusion, you can go for any of the above tools as they are for different uses. Smaller, medium and large-sized businesses can go for software like Omnisend. We’ve mentioned all 10 marketing automation tools with their features and suitability. Let us know which tool you used and liked most.

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