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15 Must-Have Website Features for Quality Business Website In 2023

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15 Must-Have Website Features for Quality Business Website In 2023

The online presence through the website can have a massive impact on the business’s success.

Can you make a business website for grabbing instant attention? Website is the very basic step in entering into the search engine platforms and it’s where the business success starts.

The website is an important aspect of a business. And, to make it succeed, its features play a vital role in keeping the website in the long run. If you invest in developing a high-level website never goes in vain. Here, we will discuss 15 Quality Business Website features of 2023.

Does the website quality matter?

Building just a website needs is not enough, adding quality is important. A website owner must be aware of the fact that the domain has multiple service providers. There are so many competitors available in the market; hence one mistake is enough to hand over your customers to your competitors. Being the online representation of a business, the Website is the first place where your visitor can interact with the owner. Adding features is a great chance to change the number of customers which leads to tremendous growth in your business.

Must-Have Website Quality Features For Business

A website needs to be perfect from every point that has some standard parameters. The WebFX website, the web design affiliate around 75% of the online credibility of brands and around 89% of consumers go to the competitor’s portals if their experience is bad on the website. Here, we have discussed the features below –

  1. Domain Name & Hosting

    The domain name helps your customers find your website online whereas the web hosting gives the necessary web development services and technologies that anyone can view on the internet.

    When we talk about the domain name, it should be easy to memorise because whatever easy names are easy to reach and be in their minds for a longer time. Hence, make it short and a single word. Websites are computer hosted and known as servers where the fast processing and usability become better if the server is located in your country. Ask the server provider for website server charges.

  2. Responsive Design

    The responsive design means that the website is mobile-friendly. A website should be responsive to all devices. This is an important feature to add as the popularity of mobile phone and smartphones have been taking place for years. During the development, keep checking if the website is mobile-Friendly. Therefore, keep your business website adaptive to every screen size to cover all categories of users.

  3. Secure Socket Layer

    On websites, SSL is a vital feature nowadays. Secure Socket Layer is the standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link. This link connects web browsers and web servers. Being a user, one can check the SSL by seeing HTTPS in the web link. It means if a website link has HTTPS, then it’s trustworthy with an information protection feature. For example https://www.cracklecode.com/

  4. Easy User Interface

    The user interface is generally the visual representation of whatever you are running on the screen. In terms of a website, it removes unnecessary elements and the important characteristics that each website is meant to have. From colours to attractive content font and size, everything is a matter of user interface; hence making it better to increase customers’ interest.

  5. Fast loading

    Faster loading is the vital factor that influences the audience when they reach your website. Based on the page loading speed, the customer stays on the website and its fact. The lower bounce rate results in the page appearance quicker. A few seconds of delay can lose visitors and conversions.

    The loading means how much time your page or website took to be visible. The time from your click to a web address to opening it is the loading time. within so many factors, there are two major factors responsible for loading time –

    • Server or network speed.
    • The browser takes time to display the page.

    The browser, platform, location and users’ internet speed are other factors that affect the loading speed. Design elements, Functionality and content of the page can change different page loading times in a single website.

  6. How can you improve your website’s loading speed?

    There are so many factors that affect the loading speed and so you’ll need to ensure to make them correct. You can use the below tricks –

    • Choose high-performing host
    • Use high-quality compressed images
    • Reduce plugins number
    • Use website caching
    • Optimise files and database in CMS
  7. Click To Call

    Add click to call button or links to your website. This feature helps in conversion. Whenever any visitor accesses your website via mobile, the click-to-call features will allow the visitor call to you. These features also can be integrated with WhatsApp, email, phone, skype and other connecting channels that directly provide your contact.

    Other than click to call feature, the CTA feature is also a major feature to add to your business website. Call-to-action buttons, words and links directly connect your customers to you creating an environment so the user would click quickly to see what’s inside the CTA. For example; the Free Shipping button.

  8. Search option feature

    Adding a search option to a website offers a seamless user experience to everyone. A great number of people find it easy to look for something using the search option. Hence ensure the website has an optimised search feature. This feature improves usability and therefore is a valuable component for a high-quality business website.

    Why search feature? It increases the conversion rate, identifies the users’ desire using analytics, faster results of products on site and helps users to users to access a wide range of services easily. Hence make your website successful with the search feature, cost effort and seamless experience.

  9. Testimonials

    Testimonials build trust between your new clients and your business. These features let them know how professional and genuine your business website is and they can know your services better. Testimonials are effective tools in converting new visitors into customers and for that, you’ll need to contact your existing customers to ask for providing a review and testimonials so that you can post it.

  10.  Captcha

    Captcha enhances website quality and makes people believe that they are safe with your business. It helps in preventing spam mail and bots from entering your website. It’s mainly used as the security check that a human can pass and enter a website. Computers and bots can’t solve the captcha, thus your business will be safe from junk mail.

  11. Focus On LSI Words

    LSI is called Latent Semantic Indexing. Google always talk about LSI keywords. Is the kind of program that learns huge synonyms based on the context of a website. It finds the bond and connection between the words used in the content and the concept your website is showing. Hence, these keywords should be connected to your target topic. LSI helps to determine Google the content quality with its algorithm.

  12.  Blog Page Section

    Blogging is a very necessary part nowadays for every business website. A website should have a blog section. This section must have informative content rather than promotional. A blog may attain a higher ranking on search engines that’ll directly affect the traffic to your website. The highly ranked blog drives huge traffic to a website. It is underestimated yet important part that keeps your website all the time active. Keep posting the blogs successfully to get into search engines’ eyes and ensure these blogs are relatable to your business.

  13. Authoritative Pages

    Your business website should build important authoritative pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, FAQ, return & Refund and more pages. When Visitor finds these pages on a business website, a dominant impact showers and feels the website is genuine.

    If you have an e-commerce website service, then authoritative pages are the must-have thing on your website. In case, you don’t know how to add these pages, you can contact the website development company.

  14. Sitemap and Internal Linking

    The sitemap keeps your pages together through search engines. With the help of an XML sitemap, your website is crawl easily in search engines. An XML Sitemap helps the search engine to crawl your website easily.

    Internal linking is the concept in a website where one link takes your users to another page of the same website. It’s the strengths of your website from an SEO aspect. It helps visitors to traverse and navigate to other pages. No link means no page and search engines search your website content using these links. Hence, make sure to use internal linking on your website for a successful online business.

  15. Chatbots

    In 2023, chatbots are playing a vital role in business websites as they have become an indispensable feature that helps in growth. Advanced AI and allied technologies offer vital functionality aspects. Chatbots can answer everything your users are looking for.

    From customised shopping guidance to customer support requests, bots are available for everything. Bots can communicate with users guiding them with their queries and that’s why a business website should have Chatbots.

    Why Chatbots? Available 24/7 and can handle multiple queries simultaneously by providing consistent solutions to customers.

  16. Contact info

    The contact page is an essential page feature that helps your customers contact you. This contact information is meant to be on every page of the website. for businesses, its necessary to provide the contact info to their users or new clients so they can easily get in touch. Instead of putting this feature on one page, include the information on every page.

    Also, use more than one way to contact your business like phone number, mail, address and other contact mediums. You can use the contact form too which should be clickable. Place the info either on the top or the bottom. The call-to-action is an effective way to connect with the customers. If you add a contact form, keep it simple and locate every page of the website.

    The features don’t end here. A business website can have many other features that improve the website quality and attract more audience. To add these features, you can contact a web development agency to save time and feature the website correctly.

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