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With more than 15 years of experience, Am Counselling is a qualified counsellor in the UK who is dedicated to helping adults navigate life’s challenges. They provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their inner selves and experiences. Grounded in psychology and informed by current research, their counselling approach is integrative and tailored to meet the unique needs of each person. They understand the power of storytelling in self-discovery.

Their qualifications include a BSc in Psychology from the University of Kent, an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy from the Institute of Psychosynthesis at Middlesex University, and a PG Diploma in Counselling. Registered with the UKCP and a member of the Association for Psychospiritual Psychotherapists, they offer valuable support for personal growth and challenges. If you are looking to explore personal development or need assistance during tough times, this experienced counsellor is here to help you find your way.

Responsive and Attractive Web Solutions for the Counselling Industry

Top Web Designers and Development for Am Counselling Private Individual Counselling Therapy

Our web design and development company in India, known for delivering outstanding web solutions, took on an exciting project in collaboration with a client in need of a website design from scratch. The primary objective was to create a modern, responsive website that truly represented their business. Leveraging our top web designers and web developers in India, we begin the web design work.

The website, built on the WordPress platform using WordPress 6.1.1, was designed to be mobile-friendly and provide an optimal user experience. The choice of the Twenty Twenty-One theme ensured an attractive look, while Elementor, with version 3.7.4, served as the page builder, allowing for easy customisation. This combination of a well-crafted WP theme and Elementor allowed us to create an attractive, highly functional site.

To enhance the website, we integrated Google Font API for striking typography and Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) version 14.0.2 to add some fun elements. Core web technologies like jQuery, core-js, and jQuery Migrate were used to optimise performance and responsiveness.

As for compliance and data sharing, the website incorporates Open Graph for improved social media sharing and CookieYes version 3.0.7.

Our team of web developers in India used essential WordPress plugins like Elementor Header & Footer Builder and Contact Form 7 version 5.7.1 for seamless functionality. We ensured the website’s responsiveness and performance by using the Apache HTTP Server, PHP 7.4.33, and MySQL for databases. Additionally, the top developers at the CrackleCode team made sure the site was RSS-enabled and enhanced its capabilities.

This project was a great collaboration between our talented WordPress developers, top web designers, and the client. It resulted in an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website that perfectly aligned with their needs and vision. Our client was delighted with the outcome, showcasing how hiring the best web development company in India led to a successful, user-friendly, and Eye-catching web platform. 

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