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Advatech Healthcare, a leading healthcare transportation service provider, was founded in 2010 by Samit Biswas, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare and logistics industries across India, the USA, Canada, and the UK. This visionary company specializes in offering technology-driven transport services for disabled, elderly individuals, non-emergency patients, and medical professionals. They have introduced wearable wristbands equipped with real-time health sensors, and their vehicles are outfitted with cameras for live streaming and recording to ensure passenger safety.

Advatech Healthcare goes beyond traditional transportation services, providing professionally trained drivers with expertise in First Aid, CPR, and medical support. Their fleet of vehicles caters to the needs of the disabled, elderly, non-emergency patients, and medical staff, guaranteeing hygiene, safety, and accessibility. This company bridges the gap between healthcare and transportation, with a focus on delivering exceptional medical care and support.

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In the process of developing a responsive website for Advatech Healthcare, Verloop’s web design and development team in India encountered several unique challenges and engaged in effective prototyping to ensure a successful web design outcomes. A main challenge was integrating various analytics and marketing automation tools to provide seamless insights into website performance and user behaviour. Our team of the best design and development team in India conducted detailed prototyping for data integration using Matomo Analytics, Google Analytics, Site Kit, custom fonts and video players.

The web development expert team worked carefully to choose the WP theme and structure the site, making sure it caters to a wide audience while being easy to navigate.
Mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility were prioritised during the WordPress development. Verloop’s professional web designers built this website on a robust foundation using WordPress. The website now serves as the platform for patients, medical professionals, and healthcare institutions, connecting the healthcare and transportation services. The client appreciated our dedication to crafting a user-friendly site that genuinely serves their needs. 

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