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Dee Sailing Club

Website Sailing

Dee Sailing Club, situated in Thurstaston on the Wirral, welcomes boat enthusiasts and those contemplating boat ownership. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice, the club embraces all with a shared passion for boating. The inviting atmosphere encourages individuals, regardless of their level of expertise, to join the vibrant community of Dee Sailing Club. With its scenic location and inclusive spirit, the club provides an ideal setting for individuals to connect, share knowledge, and enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

UX-Centered Web Design and Development For Recreational Boating Or Sailing Clubs And Organizations

Dee Sailing Club wanted the web solution for their boating and sailing club. Our top web design and development experts in India worked on enhancing our client’s digital presence through the website. Focusing on creating a user-friendly and fully functional website, we tackled challenges through strategic planning, especially in responsive web design and WordPress integration. The top web designers at CrackleCode used the latest CMS, WordPress 6.1.4, to ensure a user-friendly interface and optimal functionality. Google Analytics and GA4 were integrated for comprehensive analytics, while security was enhanced through reCAPTCHA. To make it look great for the sailing community, we used Font Awesome and Google Font API.

Our best web developers in India use advanced technologies like core-js, Slick, and Bootstrap to enhance the user experience, making the website engaging and efficient. Cookie compliance was seamlessly implemented using Cookie Notice, ensuring regulatory adherence. The WordPress theme Twenty Twelve provided a robust foundation, supported by plugins like MetaSlider and Contact Form 7 for enhanced functionality. We exceeded Dee Sailing Club’s satisfaction throughout development by delivering a fully responsive website. This case study showcased how we, as a leading design and development agency in India, offered bespoke web design solutions to the client.

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