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Edinburgh Waste Management

Website Waste Management

Edinburgh Waste Management (EWM) is a leading Trade Waste Management Company dedicated to environmental responsibility in Edinburgh. Specialising in commercial waste services, EWM offers comprehensive solutions, from collection to recycling, helping businesses adopt sustainable practices. With a focus on minimising environmental impact, EWM ensures the proper disposal of waste. The company excels in various waste management services, including trade waste collection, food waste recycling, dry mixed recycling, cardboard recycling, glass recycling, general waste processing, confidential waste disposal, and site clearances. Committed to environmental preservation, EWM collaborates with large and small partners to divert waste from landfills, save costs, and promote corporate social responsibility. The mission of EWM is to provide customer-focused waste management services while maximising waste diversion and adhering to waste regulations.

Inspiring Web Design and Development Solutions For recognisable Waste Management & Environmental Services

Edinburgh Waste Management reached CrackleCode, the leading web design and development agency in India. The challenge was to create a fully functional and responsive website that displayed their comprehensive services and aligned with their commitment to environmental sustainability. Our team of the best web designers and top web developers in India initiated the project with strategic prototyping, addressing the unique requirements of the waste management sector. The development phase included the latest technologies, including WordPress, ensuring a seamless user experience. Challenges were met by integrating Google Analytics, Twitter Emoji, and Font Awesome for enhanced functionality and design elegance.

The WordPress website, powered by PHP and MySQL, featured a user-friendly interface, responsive web design, and efficient SEO elements such as Yoast SEO. Our web developers also integrated Google Font API, RSS, and Open Graph for a well-rounded website. Our team of top web designers and developers in India finally delivered an operational website with the best graphic design, responsive elements, and a robust CMS.

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