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Go Prompt Online

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“Go Prompt” is a user-friendly online prompting application developed by experienced industry professionals who understand the unique needs of their field. This innovative tool simplifies script management, editing, and prompting on a dual-display setup. It’s perfect for corporate and commercial shoots, offering practical solutions in high-pressure environments. With “Go Prompt Lite” and “Go Prompt Premium,” you get versatile online options, while “Go Prompt DKT Professional” provides comprehensive offline capabilities. Whatever your prompting needs, Go Prompt delivers an efficient, budget-friendly solution.

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Custom Web design and development for Online Application/software

Our client approached us to design a fresh website to represent their online prompting application. As the best web design and development company in India, our team of top web designers and best web developers was prepared for the task of providing satisfactory results to the client.

We began by picking a WordPress theme that would give the site an attractive look and ensure it worked well. The website had to match Go Prompt’s user-friendly and professional image, so we used pleasant colours and an easy-to-navigate layout. It made the website work nicely on both computers and iPads, with a focus on smooth operation.

Our best web designers and developers in India made sure the website ran smoothly and loaded quickly. We built the site from the ground up to cater to Go Prompt’s Lite and Premium versions. Lite is available online with monthly or yearly subscriptions, while the Pro version can be used offline and comes with a variety of user licenses. We even added a word converter to the Pro version to make it more powerful as per the client’s demand.

The result was a custom-made, one-page website that effectively showcases Go Prompt’s innovative application product. It not only appeals to their target audience but also reflects their commitment to excellence. Our work with Go Prompt showcases the perfect blend of web design and development, resulting in a successful project that meets the online software company’s goals.

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