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Mads Ekanayake

Website Law

Mads Ekanayake is an experienced legal professional with over 15 years of practice in leading London law firms. He offers comprehensive advice to developers, investors, funders, contractors, consultants, and public authorities for various development projects, including residential, commercial, and retail. Mads excels in drafting construction documents and handling dispute resolution for multiple projects, making him a valuable resource for those navigating the complex legal landscape of construction and development

Professional web solutions for leading law firms that provide comprehensive legal resources for clients

Top-notch web design development for the Construction Law sector

Our client wanted a professional website representing his law firm and services. Starting with the web design, our team of web designers in India employed graphic design principles to create a graphically stunning and professional website. The layout we designed followed the best practices for website design and was carefully tailored to cater to the client’s specific needs. Being the best web design and development company in India, one of the core features we integrated was a responsive website design. With a fully functional website, Mads’s clients and website visitors can seamlessly browse, whether using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The website’s foundation was built on WordPress, the industry standard for effective content management. We leveraged the functional WordPress themes and templates, ensuring the website would be highly useful and user-friendly. Our WordPress developers diligently customised the website to suit Mads’s unique requirements. Additionally, our web developer firmly focused on UI/UX design, enhancing the overall user experience. The website we created is visually appealing, highly intuitive, and easy to navigate.

To make the website SEO-friendly, the best web developers in India at CrackleCode implemented the latest SEO best practices to boost the website’s discoverability. Our SEO strategies were integrated seamlessly into the design and development process. Furthermore, the web creators’ team provided Mads with in-depth training in WordPress, empowering the client to take control of his website’s content and updates. And here’s how we end up satisfying our client with our best web design development practice on the law firm website. If you seek the best web design and development agency in India, contact us for a free quotation.