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Oily Bikers

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Oily Bikers is a motorcycle haven with a heart for bikers in the UK. Their journey began in 2009, driven by a simple £10 note and a passion for motorcycles. They embarked on a mission to rebuild the reputation of motorcycle shops, offering professional, budget-friendly advice and top-notch customer service.

Having quickly gained recognition for their loyalty and affordable services, Oily Bikers Ltd emerged as a well-known brand in 2015. This progress led to the establishment of their first shop in 2016. However, their commitment to growth was unrelenting, and 18 months later, they moved into their first industrial unit in Stalybridge. Two years on, they relocated to their current property at Unit 10, Whitelands Industrial Estate, Clarence Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1QL, UK.

The increase in space allowed Oily Bikers to offer a more comprehensive motorcycle shop experience. Their extensive range of motorcycles, clothing, helmets, and accessories is now on full display, featuring major motorcycle brands. Beyond the shop, their repair centre provides a wide array of services, accommodating motorcycles of various brands. From routine servicing to dealer-level diagnostics and full accident repair services for insurance jobs, Oily Bikers Ltd has solidified its position as a trusted name in the biking community. Visit Oily Bikers and discover a motorcycle paradise in the UK that shares your passion.

Tailor-made Web Solutions for the Motorcycle Sales and Services Industry that lead Your Business

We designed the creative website for the brand Oily Bikers

Our best team of web designers in India has the challenge to create a website that reflects the client’s brand values, offers detailed information on their extensive range of motorcycles, and allows users to make bike purchases with ease. These were the unique demands that required proficient developers to get user-friendly web designs.

The process of developing a high-quality website in India 

To build a responsive web design for our UK client, the designers’ team at CrackleCode started with attractive colour choices for the home page. We designed a digital catalogue that showcased Oily Bikers’ wide range of motorcycles and accessories. The catalogue allows users to explore different brands, models, and styles seamlessly. 

CrackleCode, the leading WordPress web development company in India, have professional WP designers and developers who successfully delved into customised web solution for the client. We integrated a streamlined process for users to purchase bikes directly from the website. This design included options for financing consideration and part exchanging of bikes, making it easier for customers to find the best deal.  

After serving the tailor-made website, we also provided a free session to the client to handle the website smoothly. They are enhancing their customer reach and providing a valuable online service thanks to our top web designer and developer team. 

As Oily Bikers continues to grow and expand its customer base, the website serves as a powerful tool for its continued success and dedication to providing top-notch motorcycle products and services.

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