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Ormonde Solicitors

Website Law

Seán Ormonde & Co. Solicitors is a trusted name in the legal field. They are committed to providing accessible, client-focused legal services in the UK. With a passion for excellence and a dedication to high ethical standards, the firm prioritises integrity and client satisfaction.

Specialising in employment law, litigation, general business matters, and private client work, the firm serves a diverse clientele, including individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises. Personalised services from experienced lawyers, a focus on practical and reasoned advice, and efficient dispute resolution set our clients apart. They have We have a long history of serving the people of Waterford, spanning three generations, and continue to uphold the trust people have placed in them.

Founded by Seán Ormonde, a qualified solicitor with extensive legal knowledge, the firm’s digital transformation underscores its commitment to enhancing client experiences. In an ever-changing world, Seán Ormonde & Co. Solicitors remains a reliable name in legal services in the UK.

Crafting Website Solutions for the Legal World

Content-Driven Web Design and Development for legal advice and assistance agency, UK

The client reached our innovative web design and development agency in India to create an efficient and SEO-optimized website. As the client is working in the Legal advice field, they wanted a professional web design to showcase their services to all clients. The website needed to be accessible to both individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises.

 Our team of the best web designers chose WordPress CMS to build the base. Using the top WP theme, professional-looking standard colours and other necessary elements, CrackleCode’s leading WordPress Developer in India developed an all-device responsive website.

The newly designed WordPress website has successfully transformed the legal services offered by Seán Ormonde & Co. Solicitors. Clients now experience a seamless, intuitive, and accessible way to seek legal advice. We provided free training to help the client understand how to manage their website as an admin so they can update content on this creative website. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows for efficient communication, minimising barriers to accessing legal support. If you are seeking a highly-ranked web design and development agency in India, contact us for a free quotation.