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Scaling Logic is a boutique consultancy specializing in Kubernetes, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Computing. With expertise in bridging the skills gap between Kubernetes adoption and production use, Scaling Logic offers access to certified professionals, ensuring that Kubernetes projects are delivered efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely. They provide end-to-end Kubernetes solutions for enterprises, offering tailored deployments, workload scalability, monitoring, and DevOps practices. Scaling Logic’s dedication to best practices and cloud-native tools enhances the digital transformation process, enabling swift, controlled deployments. Their pre-go-live assessments and experience with AWS and CNCF software make them a reliable choice for Kubernetes projects.

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Our client, the Scaling Logic, approached us to create a website displaying their services. Our team of skilled web designers in India set out to build a site that would showcase their expertise and deliver a seamless user experience. The challenges were adaptable, with the need for a responsive website that highlighted top-notch web design and functionality, all while integrating essential elements for their business.

Our skilled web developers in India worked on a WordPress-based platform to ensure scalability, and our design and development team used the most suitable WordPress themes and templates to make the site user-friendly. We identified the need for an efficient UI/UX design during the prototyping stage. CrackleCode, India’s leading web design agency, worked to get an intuitive design that would provide the best user experience for Scaling Logic’s website visitors. Challenges included implementing Google Maps for location information and incorporating web elements like Font Awesome and Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) for enhanced interactivity.

Despite these challenges, our web design and development company in India successfully delivered a website that exceeded our client’s expectations. We also ensured the website loads quickly and smoothly. The result was a seamless, responsive, attractive website containing all the elements required for optimal performance, including Slick JavaScript libraries and Bootstrap UI frameworks. The website is search engine optimized and easily discoverable.

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