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Schoenheitstanz, a vibrant dance studio, offers diverse dance classes catering to various interests and skill levels. From Pole Dance and Burlesque to Twerk and Sensual Dance, individuals can choose from an array of empowering and enjoyable classes. The studio prides itself on creating a supportive environment where participants can embrace their sensuality and build confidence. With expert instructors like Lady Lou, Becky, and Janine, Schoenheitstanz provides engaging workshops for beginners and those looking to refine their skills.

Attractive Web Design And Development Solutions For Dance And Fitness Studio

Making of the Schoenheitstanz website by the top web design and development agency in India

For our client, our team of designers and developers wanted to deliver a stunning and eye-catching design that we completed through the best prototyping. To provide the best website design, we carefully designed and developed a responsive website using WordPress as the CMS. Our graphic design website incorporated a transparent layout, with careful consideration given to colour schemes and themes to enhance user engagement.

Adding the key elements to a website is essential, so we used the Apache HTTP Server for architecture support and WP Rocket and EWWW Image Optimizer for better website performance. Our team’s expertise in WordPress development and Google Web Designer in India played a pivotal role in choosing suitable themes and templates. Our PHP developer developed PHP and MySQL to keep the website robust and fully functional. Also, LazySizes, core-js, and Automatic.css elements helped enhance the user interface and experience by providing the final user-friendly web design.

CrackleCode has a team of WordPress developers and Google Web Designers in India who are skilled in choosing suitable themes and templates for every web design. We employ Bricks, a tailor the site’s structure to meet the unique requirements of Schoenheitstanz. In addition to technical aspects, our focus on UI/UX design, colour psychology, and responsive website design contributed to our client’s visually stunning dance platform. Including features like RSS and Open Graph further enriched the website’s functionality. The efforts of our dedicated team of web designers and developers in India resulted in a successful project that exceeded the client’s expectations by bringing an outstanding custom-made WordPress website. You can contact us for a free quotation of your business website, and we design and develop websites for every industry.