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The Velco Group

Website Construction

The Velco Group is a trusted leader in roofing and construction. With over 60 years of combined experience, they excel in roofing, property management, and insurance restoration. Their team ensures jobs are done on time, prioritising customer satisfaction.

For commercial roofing, our client handles various types, providing detailed inspections and repair services. Residential customers receive a “friends and family” approach focusing on composition roofing and storm restoration.

The Specialty Roofing Division specialises in high-end projects for churches, schools, athletes, and prestigious homes. They are preferred contractors for top manufacturers. When you need roofing expertise, choose The Velco Group.

Revolutionising the Roofing and Construction Industry With Our Web Solutions

Top Notched Web Design and Development For The Velco Group Business

CrackleCode Tech encountered many challenges when we created a brand-new website for The Velco Group, a leader in the roofing and construction industry. Our team of the best web designers and developers designed a stunning, user-friendly site focusing on top-notch web solutions, highlighting their 30 years of experience. This website, built from scratch, showcases our expertise in graphic design, best website design and top web development practices. We ensured it was a fully responsive web design, making it accessible to a broad audience.

The website features cutting-edge WP themes and WordPress templates, displaying our skills as web developers and top Google web designers. We integrated elements like photo galleries, ensuring visitors can see their work up close, and we employed advanced security measures to protect their online presence. Our client’s new website also emphasises their 55 years in construction and maintenance, showing our dedication to web development.

 We also conducted a free training session to empower the client to update their website content through WordPress with ease. The Velco Group now enjoys a website that perfectly reflects its status as a top web design and Development Company in India. It is a testament to our skills as web developers, WordPress experts, and the best web designers in the industry.

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