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Trinity Medical Imaging

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Trinity Medical Imaging is a private nuclear medicine imaging services provider in London and Surrey. They work closely with leading nuclear medicine experts from various specialities, often associated with major teaching hospitals in London. Their expertise lies in hybrid imaging, specifically SPECT-CT, where they lead in providing these services in the region.

Nuclear medicine involves using radioactive isotopes (radiopharmaceuticals) to create images of the body. These radiopharmaceuticals emit gamma rays, similar to X-rays. Trinity Medical Imaging excels in hybrid imaging by seamlessly combining the functional data from a standard nuclear medicine scan with high-resolution 3D imaging from a CT (CAT) scan. They achieve this using a state-of-the-art SPECT-CT scanner during a single session, greatly enhancing diagnostic accuracy and potentially reducing the need for multiple scans. Their team of radiologists has extensive experience and specialised knowledge in using SPECT-CT for diagnosing various medical conditions. 

Professional Website Making For Healthcare Industry to Boost the Digital Presence

Trinity Medical Imaging, our client, reached our web design and development agency with a unique challenge to enhance its digital presence and effectively communicate its specialised services to both patients and referring healthcare professionals.

The expert team of web designers and developers at CrackleCode began with a prototyping phase focused on simplifying the explanations and creating a user-friendly patient journey. Our best web designers in India recognised that medical imaging could be an anxiety-inducing experience for patients; hence, the use of calming colours, a user-friendly WP theme, and concise instructions was the perfect idea to place into the client’s WordPress website design.

Another challenge was enabling online interaction for patients. We were involved in creating the patient portal for appointment scheduling and a secure medical professional portal for healthcare providers, which is user-friendly, secure, and fully integrated into the website.

Developers at CrackleCode integrated the SPECT-CT scan visuals into the website to help Patients and professionals see the equipment and procedure in action. We built the leading WordPress website that offers detailed but accessible information about each step of the process, from making an appointment to understanding scan results.


This secure portal for healthcare professionals to access scan results and reports directly satisfied our client. They made us the highly rated web design and development company in India that serves the best and most professional websites globally.

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