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How to build a successful email list with 15 proven strategies

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How to build a successful email list with 15 proven strategies

The email was invented to contact people where today around 3.9 billion email accounts are active and still count is going on.

Email marketing is one of the platforms to create stronger relationships with customers. It gives you a proven way to convert leads into long-time customers. An email list is an important element for a successful business to use as a marketing strategy. It could be easy to decide on an email list but difficult to see the success and that’s where you need guidance.

If you have the list, then you can use your business story, reveal your products and promote your business that’ll help convert the subscribers into customers. Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing tools across multiple industries. Convincing a person to provide his email is much easier than asking to purchase the product directly. Over 6% conversion rate comes from sent through email CTA in landing pages.

In this article, we’ll talk about strategies for building an email list that can practically be used in business marketing.

What is an email list in business?

An email list consists of multiple email addresses for a business that users submit through marketing channels or social platforms or websites. They receive content, updates, offers and more of your company or services.

Email lists are divided based on different factors like demographics, purchasing behaviour or interests. And the main purpose of an email list is to increase the leads to convert them into loyal customers.

Benefits of an email list –

Having an email list is beneficial for every business. Here are some that are included below –

  • Affordable

    Business searches for budget ads and marketing platforms. Email listing is much more affordable in comparison.

  • Targeting Audience

    Targeting the audience is quite hard on any digital platform. Emails allow targeting the existing subscribers; hence it becomes easy to understand their behaviour and send the relevant content.

  • Personalisation

    Email is a personalised platform. It means when you send an email to your subscriber, it’s kind of personal which you can also automate.

  • Independent list

    You won’t require any other company to get an email list. Such email lists are valuable and no one can steal it from you.

  • Trustworthy

    Email builds trust between you and the customer and businesses need such platforms to which users can relate easily.

15 Proven Strategies to Get Email List

If you decide to purchase an email list, you may get an outdated list too. We’ve here fifteen proven strategies that’ll help you get your email list.

  1. Branded opt-in pop-up form

    Pop-up forms are a very quick way to connect with visitors. It’s a convenient way to share the business contact info and visitors can easily subscribe to your list. Therefore, build an attractive pop-up form and add it to your website. For these pop-ups, you may need a web designer who can create the best pop-up for your website. For example; you can use the signup form, set the pop-up appearance after 5 to 7 seconds, and keep the form for 20 seconds or more.

    The key consideration when building pop-up forms –

    • Ensure to add an online attractive headline that describes the benefits of your services.
    • Use a clear and relevant tagline to increase the conversation rate.
    • Add a call to action to easily subscribe to your services.
    • Don’t add useless information instead use contact information and keep the form simple.
  2. Add unique and precise email content.

    If you want to retain existing subscribers, unique and engaging email content is required. Entertaining, valuable and informative emails get a chance to be opened and forwarded to the recipient’s network. You can take help from an AI tool to create the first draft for your subscribers to obtain more subscribers and exposure.

  3. Know who is your target audience

    Sending your email to an irrelevant audience won’t profit your business and it’s a waste of time as well. Hence, first identify your audience, so that you can send relevant discounts and offers and get max ROI and conversions. For getting such an email list, measure the location, interest, Demographic, shopping behaviour and sales stage. A B2B company needs to segment their customers by industry like education, Polar, loan, automotive and more. Analyse your target audience and create the targeted subscriber list.

  4. Use Powerful Call to Action

    CTA is Call to action that your subscriber can click and visit your website to check the product and services. You need to craft a powerful CTA to encourage recipients to submit their email addresses. Tailor your messages directly to your subscribers to market your business. Weak and irrelevant CTAs can make it difficult for your subscribers to engage. Hence, use a promoting CTA to gain the email list.

  5. Various social media platforms

    Social media platforms are the best way to meet the demographic so that business owners can create email profiles. These profiles help expand opportunities. Try having multiple social media accounts to recognise where you can offer the best match for your targeted audience. You can use forms, surveys, buttons and CTAs to ask for email addresses or updates. Use some popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

  6. Hyperlink to employees’ signatures

    Add hyperlinks to email signatures that can lead your audience to the website landing page so that they can provide the mailing list via sign-up. Having a natural email conversation with your subscribers can lead to getting more emails naturally.

  7. Remarkable lead-generation offer

    A new gated lead-generation offer is a pretty way to attract more audiences to gain the email list. You can use free ebooks, gift guides, courses and more to generate better leads. Host such offers on landing pages to download the pdf or ebook etc through sign-up. It’ll provide you with the new email address list.

  8. Run an opt-in campaign to reinvigorate the older email list

    If you have an older email list and you think it’s not worth it now, then you need to create an engaging campaign which can encourage recipients to re-opt. You should also remove the folks who are unresponsive to your messages. It’ll keep valuable addresses in your email list to enhance deliverability.

  9. Encourage users to click the CTA link

    You can’t directly ask for the email address, however, use different ways to encourage your users to click on the CTA link that is connected to your bio. This will entice users to share contact information. You can also use an informative video of your products and services.

  10. Personalize the emails

    Email is personal and that’s why you need to interact with your audience. Whatever technique you use either CTA or pop-up ads; personalisation can have a lead, conversion and engagement rate. Place everything strategically on your websites. You can add an “opt-in” form and offer exclusive content or coupons to your email address.

  11. Build a tool with the required sign-up option

    There are so many free tools and resources that you can add to your webpage. Keep this tool free so that visitors use it, and then ask for entering their email, it’ll entice them to provide their email for using free tools like a calculator, plagiarism checker etc. These tools are easy to use and available easily.

  12. Ask website visitors for feedback

    Feedback is something that people like to give and that’s why you should use it and ask your customers to provide feedback. Send your website link to their email address to add feedback. Build forms with questions that they can answer. It’s a kind of survey which requires an email address to follow up. This strategy applies to existing subscribers but if you are using survey forms, you can share them with all visitors.

  13. Gamify forms to make it interesting

    Making the signup forms funny and gamely can be engaging. It raises 20% of your visitors and conversion rate. You can build a Wheel of Fortune where users can play the spins to get the prize or add a puzzle game to get the offer or any other game that provokes customers to subscribe to your services. Ask visitors to sign up before playing these games. Also, make sure you use bright colours and engaging graphics to build these forms eye-catching, offer discounts and keep the entry simple.

  14. Advertise through EDDM marketing

    EDDM or every door direct mail is another way to advertise your business. This marketing trick is used for local communities. All you need to do is, select a location, and recognise ZIP codes, then make a mailing campaign. EDDM marketing is customisable that can filter your email list depending on different demographics such as income, age and more. Explore your options using major platforms USPS EDDM tool and share up to 5000 emails each day.

  15. Offer giveaways and incentives

    Building the email list needs one more important strategy to follow. Consider some powerful giveaways and incentives for your e-commerce store and social media channels. You can offer gift cards, discounts, free shipping and sales. Promoting the giveaway has many ways like social media channels, website, campaigns and more. With these promotions and giveaways, you can control your pricing and get the email list as well. There are also some WP plugins and giveaway tools which you can use and manage easily on the website landing page.


With these strategies, you can grow your email list and gain more customers. Make sure to continue to refine and learn your strategies timely. If you are looking for a web design agency to add forms, sales, offers and pop-ups on your website, CrackleCode can help you out. Click here to contact us.




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