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Tips For Elegant Branding and Lead Generation With WordPress CMS to Grow The Business

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Tips For Elegant Branding and Lead Generation With WordPress CMS to Grow The Business

From small business owners to non-profit organisations, everyone needs smart branding and lead generation in order to grow the business by getting loyal traffic. Lead generation is helpful for every business for example; a blogger can bring more readers to the blog through lead generation. If you want to start a business, then creating a website is an excellent decision where the leads are easy to bring by adding “Coming Soon” pages to anticipate your upcoming services.

This article will share important information on lead generation for WordPress sites. You’ll also get some relevant tips for leads to your business.

WordPress is full of tools that generate leads and you can capture customers’ details to market your services. If you are struggling to generate leads for your website or want to manage your WordPress website, then this article is for you. We’ll also introduce the lead-generation tools for 2023.

What is lead Generation?

Lead generation is about getting potential customers or the number of customers who show interest in your services and products. It’s something when you and your WordPress website visitors communicate. We can also define it with this definition – customers’ interest in your business and gathering their information is called lead generation.

Let’s take an example: create a landing page and most of the audience has reached your site only from social media. These pages have specific purposes to gain higher conversion rates.

The majority of the visitors come to a website and leave soon, then never visit again. Though, if a strong lead generation is in place, it becomes easy to collect their information to engage them continue and turn them into customers.

Lead Generation On WordPress Sites

Depending on the WordPress website type, you can add newsletters, sign up, webinars, forms and other functions that engage your visitors to stay on your website. WordPress can help you build the communication channel as it has different tools and plugins.

You can also use plugins that help you add freebies, discounts, and special offers to bring your customers back.

Here are some of the ways to uplift the number of visitors on your WordPress website where you can gather information –

  • Submit an inquiry form or contact form
  • Ask visitors to join the email newsletter
  • Let them Sign up for the forthcoming webinar
  • A viral giveaway that you run on your WordPress site
  • Send good content, freebies, offers and more.

With some other lead generation techniques on your WordPress site, your users will act to communicate to convert them.

Tips to Generate Leads on a Website

Whether it’s a CMS website or a customised website, there are some important points that every business can include on its website to generate leads. Below we’ve mentioned the tips for it;

  • Create a report of your website status before you start working on enhancing the leads. Why? You can analyse the website and improvise the needed areas.
  • Use an audit on all pages to know which page gets more traffic.
  • Recognise the sources of lead generation and understand the contribution of leads to your business.
  • Enhance the website’s landing page and add some attractive content and a contact form.
  • Use a content marketing strategy to add holistic content and ensure to publish the original content. It leads to the conversion rate.
  • Forms are one of the best features of a website. WordPress have different tools which you can use to add forms to different pages and it’ll drive traffic.
  • A call to action is important. For example; Read More or Buy Now are two CTAs that engages the audience to click on such link or buttons. Hence, use visible and personalized CTAs.
  • Run controlled experimental A/B testing where you can run different products and features to compare and analyse the best performance.
  • Provide the value with CTA using high-value content such as case studies, Webinars, Guides or ebooks, Podcasts and more

Things to use on Website for technical Branding and Lead generation

Great tips for making your WordPress technically better –

The technical aspect is essential for lead generation and branding. Reading and applying the below-mentioned tips help enhance WordPress websites to increase leads.

  • Customise the WordPress website

    Using a WordPress theme provides most the things automatically. But build custom pages as this target a specific goal and won’t distract your audience. Some drag-and-drop WP page builders are available to help you customise your website.

  • Build Personalised CTAs

    We have also talked about CTAs above. So, how do you add CTA? First, you should understand and analyse the visitors’ interest and behaviour towards your website, products and services. Then, use personalised CTAs depending on your audience type to offer visitors their requirements.

  • Online Calculators Are Useful

    Online calculators are interactive software tools used to simulate a business process. Many blogging niches use online calculators for travel, fitness, finance and more. These tools solve users’ issues, answer questions and predefine some calculations of visitors.

  • Ensure Your WordPress Website is Responsive

    Responsiveness is directly connected with different sizes of screens and devices. If your WP website is compatible with all devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers, then your website gets leads from different device users. Hence, try making your website responsive.

  • Use Chatbots to Keep The Website Technically Smart

    Chatbots are the leading chief role in apps and websites as they are automated tools which can respond to your customers when you are not available to connect. Chatbots help your audience and users to learn more about your brand and create a strong relationship with your visitors. It understands the preferences of your brand users and asset them which positively impact lead generation. The best way to use Chatbot is to imply a support system as it’ll resolve their issues.

Some of the best Branding and Lead Generation Tools used that Businesses should use in 2023

As a solution to lead generation, some tools increase conversions and enhance branding. See below the list of tools that are important to use in 2023.

  • LeadPages –

    It’s the best tool for creating custom landing pages offering a wide range of high-converting templates. This specified tool will help to convert customers.

  • Intercom –

    This tool has defined components used for sales, on-site messaging, chat and more. Intercom analyses visitors’ behaviour on websites or apps. Best-suited for support and onboarding, and provides great help desk support.

  • OptinMonster–

    OptinMonster is a drag-and-drop builder that creates multiple opt-in forms. With hundreds of templates, this tool allows you to develop customised slide-ins, pop-ups and more that increase lead generation percentage.

  • Woorise –

    Woorise is the tool for all types of marketing platforms having all-in-one lead generation qualities. This tool can create a huge range of interactive campaigns like payments accept integration, surveys, forms, surveys, viral giveaways & contests, quizzes and more that help you follow your business goals. It integrates popular social media platforms into the website.

  • Hello Bar –

    A powerful widget to convert leads and attract more visitors. Hello Bar is perfect for customising the texts, positions and click-through actions. You can integrate this tool into different CMS like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow etc.

  • MobileMonkey –

    MobileMonkey works as a chatbot that offers live chat features making lead capture and nurturing leads. In addition, this tool offers SMS text messaging and messenger for social media channels within one platform. Its OmniChat tool is a multi-channel chatbot builder that enables the creation of chat campaign content.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator –

    For businesses, LinkedIn is the perfect B2B platform to get a B2B audience. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps connect with these B2B clients by targeting specific people and companies. This tool integrates CRM with the leads’ recommends, account lists, insights and alerts.

  • HubSpot –

    HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing solution to generate leads where a business can manage processes within a platform. If you are running a campaign, this tool can help you provide insight to improvise the campaign. In addition, this tool also offers landing pages, ad management, and live chat for support, bots for messaging and responses, and forms.


In conclusion, we can say lead generation and branding are important in WordPress websites as they impact business revenue and sales. From submitting an inquiry form to webinars, everything helps in increasing the leads and conversion. To enhance leads, you can start by making a report of your website, and then improve the website using CTAs and more. The tools are also helpful in generating high leads. For a business website, these all factors matter because lead generation and branding lead to traffic website and traffic leads to conversion. If you want to hire a website development agency to add lead-generating features and functions, contact us to brand your business through the smart business website.


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