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QR Technology – Advantages and Different QR Solutions For A Successful Business

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QR Technology – Advantages and Different QR Solutions For A Successful Business

QR codes play a vital role digitizes your business as you can integrate your web or link to this code. 

In recent years, the Indian market gave so much popularity QR Codes and has added significant adoption. QR Codes have been essential for business as the digital payment mode is in trend. From shopping malls to restaurants, this black-and-white matrix code is everywhere. QR code adoption has extended over the years. The QR codes directly integrate users to a respective website or link that you store in your code.

This article will help you know everything about QRs. We have mentioned the essential information in this article so that you can learn better about QR solutions. Here, you’ll know all about the QR, and then decide what implementation would suit your business.

The Origin of QR Codes

QR is also called a Quick Response code. A Japanese company Denso Wave first developed QR in 1994 to label automobile parts. The first motivation came from the Go board’s black and white pieces where they find the detection pattern using a 1:1:3:1:1 ratio. The main purpose was to track the automotive parts where different bars were used to scan each code. These QR codes can store a variety of data including website links, contact info and much more making them versatile for all sizes of businesses. According to a study by Juniper Research, mobile device QR code coupon redemption has reached 5.3 billion by 2022.

What is the purpose of using a QR code?

The basic aim of using QR codes is to quickly provide information to users as soon as they scan it. Generally, this information is about services and products that your business offers. QR Codes are quicker, secure, and attractive and have data storage. QR is the encrypted, square-shaped image that can hold discounts, links, accounts, vouchers and more.

QR Codes benefits for Business

  • Collect data
  • Enhanced exposure
  • Additional value to user experience
  • Safe and convenient
  • Time and money saver
  • Improved Brand Recognition

Where does the business use QR Codes?

QR codes are everywhere we go, and they can be used for several purposes:

  • The packaging can provide new coupon access or product information.
  • Provide temporary access to your business content, relevant data and files
  • Share contact details or web, social media or email addresses via QR on posters, business cards and brochures.
  • Use QRs for mobile payments and mobile banking. It’s very easy to make a payment via QR by scanning the code that is displayed on your screen.
  • Integrate into print media such as magazines, billboards etc that’ll work as a marketing tool for brands and organisations on campaigns, promotions and advertisements.

QR Code Advantages

Before exploring more details of the QR codes, we will discuss some advantages that will affect your business.

  • Can be used as a ‘Call-To-Action’

    Link your QR code to the audio commentary, trailers, business promotion, videos and anything else; it’s called call-to-action. You can also integrate the email or call or message link by scanning the QR code. It’s the perfect way to launch a new brand, promo code or any offer, for example; if your customers scan the code, a discount is shown on their phone.

  • Increase Customer Engagement and sales

    QR codes in a business help increase customer engagement. Connecting a QR code can provide access to the landing page with the contact form or product information, exclusive offers and discounts. You can engage customers with quick access. Another access to an online store or placing order from mobile devices helps increasing increase sales.

  • Measure The Effectiveness

    Inbound marketing helps you know the marketing cost. QR codes are one step further that allows you to analyse the results depending on clicks and leads. The link-shortening services like goo.gl are available to generate QR codes automatically. These links provide useful analytics.

  • Can Enhance Customer Service

    Get help with customer service by offering quick access to product manuals, FAQs or customer service contact info. Such links will improvise the customer service of your business.

  • Can bring down Marketing Costs

    When you replace traditional print ads and mail campaigns with QR codes, it automatically reduces the market costs. The QR codes help you track the marketing reach, and the success of campaigns and analyse ROI.

  • Can Intensify Brand Awareness

    As your customers can easily find out about your services through a QR code, it improves brand awareness that connects customers with your brand. This white and black code design can stand you out from the competition.

  • Is Efficient For Business

    In business operations, QR codes help enhance efficiency such as using it for time-tracking purposes and inventory management. You can also automate tasks including surveys and data entry.

QR code – A Powerful Digital Solution for all size businesses

Types of QR codes –

QR codes are and will be still a popular marketing tool as they are easy to access via mobile phones offering various benefits to businesses. Here we’ll see the different QR solutions for business.

  • Payment QR Code

    It’s the most used QR code type in India. Businesses place the QR code scanner in malls, shops, mobile phones or any of their locations. Such QR codes are linked to a bank account where the payment directly sends to your bank account.

  • Social Media QR Code

    Social Media QR codes are connected to social media profiles. For example; you can create a social media QR code that your users can scan to reach your Facebook page. Such QR codes display multiple embedded so that people can easily follow your business.

  • URL QR Code

    URL QRs are beneficial for businesses as they redirect to a website ULR. These QRs can convert the site or landing page URLs into QR codes. It’ll help grow your business.

  • Google Form QR Code

    This is a leading QR solution where an organisation can encrypt the Google Form URL to QR.

    For example; you have organised an event and you want a single and easy platform to redirect your all clients to fill Google registration form, then build a QR code that anyone can scan and register easily. Similarly, it can work for online attendance, digital check-ins, feedback acquisition, customer survey, enrolment and more.

  • Wi-Fi QR Code

    Business like restaurants, Bar Cafe and hotels has free Wi-Fi that they provide to all their clients. But it can’t open for everyone that passes nearby, so how would they connect their customers with their Wi-Fi? QR codes can be helpful here because such businesses can place QRs codes to connect with Wi-Fi without any promotion of passwords. It means the customer experience will be enhanced as your clients won’t need to enter any password, just scan and connect to Wi-Fi.

  • vCard QR Code

    A business owner’s must-have QR is the vCard QR code. Use it on your business cards, coupons, e-mail, resumes, signatures and more. This will allow you to share your business information or additional details with your clients or audience. vCard QR codes can store social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

  • File QR Code

    These codes can generate QR codes for multiple file formatives. File formats like MP4, PDF, PNG, JPEG, Word, Excel and others are easy to access via QR codes as its dynamic, hence one can effortlessly store the data for edit and viewing.

  • H5 Editor QR Code

    A must-have QR code for small businesses. H5 Editor is the perfect example to build your web page without any domain purchase or web hosting. This QR solution assists the organisation to grow their market through QRs.

  • Multi-URL QR Code

    Based on scanning number, language, location, time and some more precise details, multi-URL QR code provides an outstanding personalised user experience. This dynamic QR code has excellent characteristics and features for occupations.

  • Menu QR Code

    Being a restaurant or café owner, you must have released that your business should be smarter. Menu QR code is a blessing as your customers can scan and find your menu on their mobile phones. Isn’t it a great thing that’ll attract more customers? This QR code also aids cashless payments, customers reach and efficient customer service.

  • Audio QR Code

    This QR code is favourable for music promoters and the industry as one can convert different audio formats using an Audio QR code. Add links to Audio formats like MP3 files, soundtrack, WAV, WMA, podcasts, and audio files that your users can integrate via QR code. You can also use it for music events and concerts, advertising and marketing.

  • Email QR Code

    The email market has a great effect on QR codes. As a powerful solution, the email QR code includes more information about your business, brand, products and services. Such QR codes are exciting stimulate the recipient’s interest and result in increased ROI and conversion.

  • Text QR Code

    It’s the static QR, which converts words, emojis, numbers, special characters, and a combination of all these. Text QR can be directed to download any app via different app stores. It’s the basics of all QR codes and doesn’t require the internet to display the content after the scan.

Basic QR Payment Methods – Safest QR Payment

QR payments are used with users’ mobile phones and so unless a user won’t scan and integrate with a link, they can’t pay the business. In the market, many mobile payment solutions like Google Pay are available which are safe and that’s why the requirement of QR payment methods has increased in industries. There are two basic methods for QR payments-

  • Credit and debit card checks via QR –

    They secure transactions through card payments using different credit and debit checks like Visa, and Mastercard.

  • Local payment methods via QR –

    This method is visible in many businesses. For example, a payment scanner QR on a shop those customers can scan and pay through related apps. Your customers can select the preferred method. Paying via QR code is the modernist and digitalise version of safe and familiar payment.

  • Which are possible locations of QR codes used in the business industry?

    QRs are of different types that can be used in a variety of businesses included below;

    • From Bus Stops to Train Stations
    • Business cards
    • Coupons
    • Package Food
    • Education courses
    • Surveys
    • Giveaways
    • Billboards
    • App downloads
    • Resume and CVs

    QR code has been revolutionary in every market connecting with the digital and physical business worlds. According to the “mention” team, the scanning of QR codes will jump up to 99.6 million by 2025.

This code-based initiative has the power to serve as a strong gateway to converting offline traffic into online audience increasing the ROI and conversion in a business. Not only in history but in the upcoming time, industries and organisations will widely use QR codes. With the advanced technology, QR code payment methods increase as people have become more reliant on their mobile phones.

QR codes are convenient and popular in the online and offline market; therefore you can contact a QR designer agency or a developer to build your business suitable QR code.


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