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10 Social media marketing strategies with a limited budget for small businesses and startups

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10 Social media marketing tips and strategies with a limited budget for small businesses

Social media marketing is a powerful solution for brands to get a huge audience.

According to analytics, social networks will get around 4.4 billion users by 2025. No doubt, it has become a tempting platform for businesses to obtain a huge audience base. Research says that by Jan 2023, people use an average of 2 hours and 31 min on their social media accounts. Social media offers its marketing platform for every size of business allowing you to communicate with customers. It might be difficult for small firms because they have a small marketing budget to work with. You have several options for promoting your brand on social media sites.

Being a business owner, you might not have the time to thoroughly explore these marketing techniques; therefore we’ve listed the best suggestions for your benefit here. This blog will help you letting know the low-budget methods to start your social media marketing.

With the assistance of some of the techniques discussed in this blog, social media can work best for you in terms of attracting new clients.


social media marketing tips

The Valuable Social media marketing Tips or Recommendations

  1. Highlight your business value proposition.

    Competition is high everywhere on social platforms. You’ll need to find out how your brand can stay ahead in the market through social media marketing because a buyer will never put an effort to click on your ads unless they offer benefits or unique services. Your value proposition sets you apart from competitors in your industry and convinces the audience to choose you. Analyse your services and marketing tactics to imply some innovative ideas to emphasis the value proposition.

  2. Get a Website: The Soul of online business

    A website helps small businesses increase flexibility and credibility. Having a website is a significant aspect to show all your business through online platforms. When you market your business through social platforms, a website link will redirect your audience to your business portal and that’s where you can convert your audience into customers. It’ll happen only when your website is attractive.

    A poorly designed website won’t engage the audience to become your regular customer. Therefore, make sure you have a powerful engaging website. You can hire an agency or freelancer to build your business website. Adding some important pages like home, about, services, contact, blog, testimonials, FAQs, and landing page helps access your website from many prospects including those looking for products, to access your website.

    How to get a website to enhance your Social media marketing reputation?

    Starting a business setup for online marketing needs a website that you can promote on social platforms. There is the easiest way to get your website quickly

    • Search for the best website design agency.
    • Contact them to build your business website.
    • Let them know the important requirements that you want to show on your website.
    • Leave your website to the agency for a few days to receive a brand new website for your business.
  3. Create Google My Business account

    Google my business is the platform in Google where anyone can search your business through maps. The local business gets huge benefits from Google Business profile as it’s an effective marketing tactic that helps people reach your business.  The best part is Google My Business is completely free and it’s the perfect way to market your business and provide your contacts. Optimise your business profile to keep it attractive and on top because, for a similar business, your competitors will also be available everywhere. Show up yourself as a verified business.

    Social media marketing can complement your Google My Business strategy by driving more traffic and engagement. It is a must-have strategy that any business can use it. The Google My Business shows up your business on Google Maps including the knowledge panel for branded searches. To keep your business on top, you need to optimise the business profile and verify the ownership through my business account.

    How to create your account on Google My Business?

    If you don’t know how to get your business on Google Maps, these steps will help your business to enter the map platform.

    • Ensure you have an existing Google account. If not, then create an account.
    • Now, enter your Google account details to sign in.
    • On the next tab of your browser, enter www.business.google.com/create to visit google my business portal.
    • Fill in all details of your business, focusing on how to relates to social media marketing, and then select your business category.
    • It will ask you to choose your business location and service area.
    • Here, type your website URL and mobile number.
    • Complete the setup by clicking “Finish” and choose verification options suitable for your social media marketing needs.
    • Once you save the details, the verification process for your business location will be initiated promptly. Follow the final step by entering the verification code to validate your business presence for effective social media marketing.
  1.  Post Engaging Content On Social Media Platforms

    Building a community online on social media is the free to grow a small business. Posting attractive content increases brand awareness and constructs trust with your audience. Make business account on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and more. This process can be done anytime within a few minutes.

    Social media marketing needs fresh, engaging and effective content that can drive traffic to your website. the best way to create content on social media platforms is a mixture of photos, text overlay, video and text content is the best way to create content.

    You can schedule, manage and publish the content on all social media platforms easily.  Publishing more video with less text, original photos, customer testimonials, and the latest visual trends are productive content to post on social media.

    On social media platforms, you can:

    • Promote the blog post that’ll directly drive traffic to your business website.
    • Use polls and feedback requests.
    • Take a short piece of longer content for sharing instant informational posts.
    • Directly circulate your message to your audience.
  2. Enhance the brand awareness

    Brand awareness is the process of customers’ being familiar with the brand considering brand image & services, and social media is the right platform to launch your products or services among a relatable audience. What your business is about and how customers can get benefits from your brand, it’s essential to tell your audience. It’s the top social media marketing tips and strategy that each business uses to become more visible on social platforms. Create something interesting and relevant content for your product on social media to make people share it on their pages, accounts and with their friends. The more you keep your brand or business online; you will get more people connected towards your business.

    Can you Increase brand awareness through social media platforms?

    The social media platform has a vast range of audiences from beauty to clothing to education to any other industry. Choosing popular platforms is a wise decision to introduce your brand to each category and relative audience. Here’s how you can raise your brand reach –

    • Build creative and eye-catching content.
    • A brand story is a must for brand awareness.
    • Shareable content helps reach a huge audience.
    • Provides a freebie to your customers.
    • Write guest blogs.
  3. Choose your social platform wisely

    Only posting or sharing about your products or business on any platform isn’t a great plan. It can be time taking process to use each social platform and market your products. First, identify your business category, for example; if your brand sells makeup products, creating a video and sharing it through Instagram and YouTube is the best option instead of Twitter or any other social network.

    Here are some popular social media marketing platforms that you can use –

    LinkedIn –

    The most popular platform that professional uses. Around 4 million company pages, 930 million members, and more than 200 countries are already active on LinkedIn. It better option for B2B marketing.

    Facebook –

    The broadest reach and huge audience are available on Facebook. Around 2.95 billion users are active on Facebook that’s a great platform for each business to market their services and products. It has all types of audiences and hence; you target your audience who can relate to your business.

    Instagram –

    It’s the best visual platform with 2.0 billion members. If you have a business that can showcase photos and videos in a good manner to promote the business, then Instagram is the best option for your brand.

    Twitter –

    It’s the kind of news platform that helps connect with the audience through news or announcements. It has around 450 million members.

    YouTube –

    YouTube is a very growing platform, the popular video-sharing platform with around 2.51 billion users. Using this platform, you can create advertisements for your brand and run them on YouTube.

  4. Keep Your Business Account Active on social media

    When you sign up with your business account on any social platform, you can access your relevant audience. Make sure to stay active on social media to interact with your customers. The more you use social media; your audience will know you better. Also, you will understand many marketing tactics to improve the business like placing an advertisement to boost it or checking analyst.

    Maintain your social media marketing presence to get potential clients. The more you are active on social media, the trust factor increases. It also helps you gain trustworthy testimonials and content delivery. When the search engines notice your social media account is active, then the SEO for your business website has more chances to rank up.

  5. Collaborate with other business

    If you are a startup, then collaborating with some popular brand through social media marketing is an effective option to reach their audience and promote your business. It’s the strategy that many businesses are following nowadays. You may have seen on Instagram and YouTube where many brands are collaborating on videos, live chat and more. For startups, collaborating with existing brands is beneficial as the existing brands’ customers interact with your business. It’s the best technique to reach a huge audience base.

    How do you collaborate with other brands?

    Business collaboration is the ultimate way to introduce your business to an audience that another company already know. It gets you, genuine clients. To collaborate with any of the brands through social media, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

    • Make sure your brand already has a portfolio and audience at a large scale.
    • Go to the browser and research some brands that are available for business collaboration.
    • You’ll soon find out about such brands. Now it’s time to reach their social handles and explore social media marketing opportunities.
    • Try contacting them by dropping a mail or inbox about your brand and your requirements for collaboration.
    • Wait for the brands to respond. You can expect to become a lucky one getting a vast range of audience.
  6. Tags and hashtags on social media are much more effective

    With each post, tagging your loyal clients, vendors, and brand evangelists expand the organic reach to a new audience. The hashtag is another way to gain attention from new customers help in spreading the business and potentially attain more clients in social media marketing. Try to inspire your followers to tag your business page or location whenever they post on their accounts.

  7. Keep the Content ready to schedule post

    You won’t always get time to post regularly on Social media marketing channels or pages. The popular social media platform gives options to schedule posts. Take some time to plan the social calendar to design campaigns regarding your services and it’ll alert you to the peak time when you need to boost sales. So many tools on social platforms help you run your campaign at specific times and allow you to schedule posts. Therefore, schedule your ads and posts to ensure on-time sharing and posting at the right time.

    Are there any tools to schedule social media marketing posts?

    SMM or social media marketing post scheduling is a very common practice for businesses due to lack of time. there are plenty of third-party tools available in the market that helps schedule your posts on social platforms, some of these are given below.

    • Tailwind
    • Buffer
    • Planable
    • Hootsuite
    • Sprout Social
    • Statusbrew
    • Agorapulse

Social media is an essence these days because 59% of the world is using these platforms. For a business, customers are everything and if social media gives you a huge audience to convert into customers, why would brands won’t use Social media marketing? Follow the above strategies of Social media marketing to increase social engagement for your business and drive more revenue.

We are always available for a free discussion on how to do Social media marketing and ready to jump on a call. Feel free to contact us, and our SEO experts will help you make the right decision for your business. For more useful resources you can browse our blog, and keep an eye on our Medium page (coming soon).