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Top 15 Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress

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Top 15 Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress

WordPress offers a variety of appointment booking plugins that enable businesses to manage appointments, reservations, and scheduling directly on their websites. These plugins can be particularly useful for service-based businesses, consultants, healthcare providers, and other professionals who need to offer appointment-booking capabilities to their clients. In this article, you’ll know 15 popular appointment booking plugins for WordPress that you can use further. So let’s get started.

How to Choose Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress?

Selecting the right appointment booking plugin for your WordPress website involves considering several crucial factors to ensure a seamless and effective booking experience for both you and your clients. Begin by assessing your business needs, understanding the types of services you offer, and determining the complexity of your scheduling requirements. To choose a right plugin for your business website, prioritise plugins that offer an intuitive user interface, making it easy for both administrators and clients to navigate the booking process effortlessly. Look for features that align with your needs, such as customisable booking forms, flexible time slot management, and integration options with other tools you use, like calendars or payment gateways. Compatibility with mobile devices is essential to accommodate clients who may want to book appointments on the go.

Top Appointment Booking Plugins in 2023

1- WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is designed for easy availability management. It provides a visual calendar interface that allows you to mark available and booked dates, making it useful for businesses that want a straightforward way to showcase availability, such as rental properties or event venues.

Key features –

  • Visual Calendar Interface: Provides a straightforward visual calendar interface to showcase availability.
  • Display Options: Users can mark available and booked dates, making it suitable for rentals and reservations.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures the calendar interface works seamlessly across different devices.
  • Customisable Legend: Allows you to set your colour codes to distinguish availability status.

2- Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a versatile plugin that offers customisable booking forms, supports multiple users or staff members, and allows integration with payment gateways for online payment collection. It suits various industries, facilitating appointment bookings, reservations, and scheduling tasks effectively.

Key features –

  • Customisable Booking Forms: Allows users to create and customise booking forms for gathering relevant information.
  • Multi-User Support: Suitable for businesses with multiple staff members offering services.
  • Automated Notifications: Sends confirmation and notification emails to clients and administrators.
  • Payment Integration (in some versions): Supports online payment collection through integrated payment gateways.
  • Responsive Design: Provides a user-friendly interface across various devices.

3- Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments is a user-friendly solution that includes features like customisable forms, various booking types, Google Calendar integration, and notification settings. It’s suitable for individual service providers and businesses that require efficient appointment management.

Key features –

  • Intuitive Booking Management: Enables easy appointment scheduling and management.
  • Multiple Locations and Services: Supports various service types and locations.
  • Staff Management: Allows businesses to manage multiple staff members and their schedules.
  • Email Notifications: Sends automated notifications and reminders to clients and administrators.
  • Customisable Appearance: Provides options to customise the booking interface’s appearance.


4- Bookly

Bookly offers comprehensive appointment scheduling features, including real-time availability, payment integration, and staff management. With its intuitive interface, users can easily book appointments and businesses can streamline their scheduling processes.

Key features –

  • Comprehensive Booking System: Offers customisable booking forms, integrated payment gateways, and staff management.
  • Real-Time Scheduling: Supports real-time appointment scheduling with multiple service providers.
  • Responsive booking form: Workable on multiple devices.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Provides an easy-to-use administrative dashboard for managing appointments.

5- Amelia

Amelia is a feature-rich booking plugin that covers everything from customisable booking forms to payment integration and staff management. It provides an elegant solution for businesses seeking an all-in-one booking system.

Key features –

  • Automated Booking Management: Streamlines the booking process with an intuitive interface.
  • Multiple Locations and Services: Supports diverse service types and locations.
  • Payment Integration: Integrates with various payment gateways for online payment collection.
  • Coding skills: No advance coding or design skills need to use Amelia.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights into appointment bookings and trends.

6- Start Booking

Start Booking emphasises simplicity and user-friendliness. It offers customisable forms, staff management, and email notifications. This plugin caters to businesses looking for a clean and straightforward appointment booking experience.

Key features –

  • Online Scheduling: Enables clients to book appointments directly through your website.
  • Team Management: Supports staff and team management, with individual schedules.
  • Customisable Booking Forms: Allows you to tailor forms to gather specific client information.
  • Calendar Sync: Syncs appointments with external calendar platforms.
  • Payment Processing: Integrates with Stripe and PayPal for online payments.

7- Booknetic

Booknetic is designed for businesses that want to provide online appointment booking. It includes features like an appointment form builder, payment integration, and staff management, making it suitable for various industries.

Key features –

  • Appointment Scheduling: Facilitates appointment booking through a user-friendly interface.
  • Multi-Language Support: Provides options for translating the booking interface into different languages.
  • Integrated Payments: Supports PayPal and Stripe for online payment processing.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Sends automated notifications to clients and staff members.

8- Appointment Booking Calendar

The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin is a powerful tool designed to facilitate appointment scheduling and management for various businesses and professionals. It enables website owners to seamlessly display their availability, allow clients to book appointments online, and efficiently manage their appointments all within the WordPress platform.

Key features –

  • Interactive Calendar Interface: The plugin offers an interactive calendar interface that allows clients to view available time slots and book appointments.
  • Customisable Time Slots: Admins can define available time slots, ensuring flexibility in appointment scheduling.
  • Email Notifications: The plugin sends automated email notifications to both clients and administrators upon successful booking or appointment changes.
  • Multiple Service Providers: Suitable for businesses with multiple staff members or service providers, each having their availability.
  • Service Categories: Categorise services to help clients find and book the right service easily.
  • Booking Confirmation: Clients receive confirmation of their booking, enhancing transparency and reducing no-shows.


9- WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings is an extension of WooCommerce, enabling businesses to offer bookable products and services. It’s particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites looking to integrate appointment scheduling with their online store.

Key features –

  • Integration with WooCommerce: Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to offer bookable products or services through your WooCommerce-powered online store.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Offers options for fixed time slots, custom-defined time ranges, and multiple booking duration choices.
  • Resource Management: Allows you to manage resources like staff, equipment, or locations for services.
  • Availability Control: Let you define available time slots and set booking limits to prevent overbooking.
  • Payment Integration: Supports online payments through WooCommerce’s integrated payment gateways.

10- Team Booking

Team Booking focuses on collaborative scheduling, allowing multiple staff members to manage their availability and appointments. It’s ideal for businesses with teams that offer services requiring coordinated scheduling.

Key features –

  • Team Availability: Displays availability of team members, enabling clients to choose their preferred service provider.
  • Group Booking: Allows clients to book appointments for multiple participants or services in a single reservation.
  • Custom Booking Forms: Offers customisable booking forms to collect essential client information.
  • Email Notifications: Sends automated email notifications to both clients and team members upon booking confirmation.
  • Admin Dashboard: Provides an admin dashboard for easy appointment management and monitoring.

11- CM Booking Calendar

CM Booking Calendar offers a range of features, including customisable forms, payments, notifications, and Google Calendar integration. It’s designed to suit various industries and streamline the appointment booking process.

Key features –

  • Responsive Calendar Display: Provides a responsive calendar interface for clients to view available time slots and book appointments.
  • Customisable Time Slots: Admins can define time slots and booking availability, adapting to varying scheduling needs.
  • Email Notifications: Sends automatic email notifications to clients and admins upon successful booking or changes.
  • Multiple Booking Types: Supports different booking types like single-day, multiple-day, and hourly bookings.

12- WPForms

While primarily known as a form plugin, WPForms can also facilitate appointment bookings. With its user-friendly interface, you can create appointment forms and gather necessary information from clients.

Key features –

  • User-Friendly Form Builder: Offers an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder for creating customisable booking forms.
  • Booking Notifications: Sends email notifications to clients and administrators upon form submission.
  • Conditional Logic: Allows you to create dynamic forms with conditional logic, adjusting form fields based on user selections.
  • Integration Options: Supports integration with various email marketing services, CRM tools, and payment gateways.
  • Spam Protection: Provides built-in spam protection measures to prevent unwanted form submissions.

13- LatePoint

LatePoint aims to simplify appointment booking with features like real-time availability, customisable forms, and payment integration. It’s suitable for businesses seeking a modern booking system. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive user experience, coupled with comprehensive documentation, ensure users can grasp its functionality effortlessly and enhance their websites with added features.

Key features –

  • Real-Time Availability: LatePoint offers real-time availability, allowing clients to view and book appointments based on up-to-date schedules.
  • Service Customisation: Admins can define various services, each with its availability, duration, and pricing.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Supports dynamic pricing based on factors such as service type, time of day, or special promotions.
  • Staff Management: Allows businesses to manage staff members, assign services, and set individual schedules.
  • Client-Friendly Interface: Provides a user-friendly booking interface for clients to easily book appointments and manage reservations.


14- Hotel Booking Lite

Hotel Booking Lite is a WordPress plugin designed to help hotel and accommodation businesses manage their room reservations and bookings directly through their websites. This plugin empowers you to showcase an endless array of accommodations and services and forge comprehensive property listings enriched with descriptions of amenities, photos, and lodging specifics.

Key features –

  • Room Management: Hotel Booking Lite allows you to create and manage various room types, such as single, double, deluxe, etc., along with their descriptions, images, and pricing.
  • Online reservation: It facilitates seamless online reservation acceptance while seamlessly synchronizing all bookings across prominent online travel platforms such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor.
  • Email Notifications: Hotel Booking Lite often sends automated email notifications to both guests and administrators upon successful booking or reservation changes.
  • Admin Dashboard: The plugin typically provides an administrative dashboard where hotel staff can manage bookings, update availability, and view reservation details.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: You can set different prices for rooms based on factors like seasons, weekends, special events, and more.

15- Calendarize it! 

Calendarize it! is a comprehensive calendar plugin that can be extended for appointment scheduling and bookings. It provides integration options, allowing businesses to create a customised booking experience. The plugin offers a comprehensive array of features, including the incorporation of social sharing buttons and the seamless integration of event maps.

Key features –

  • Advanced Calendar Display: Offers advanced calendar views, including month, week, day, and agenda views, enhancing the visual representation of events and appointments.
  • Customisable Event Templates: Provides customisable templates for events and appointments, allowing you to tailor their appearance to your brand.
  • Front-End Event Submission: Supports user-generated event submissions from the front end, enabling clients to request appointments or schedule events.
  • Event Taxonomies: Offers event taxonomies and categories to organise and filter appointments and events efficiently.
  • Integration Possibilities: Supports integration with external services like Google Calendar and payment gateways, enhancing functionality and flexibility.


Choose any of the above plugins to simplify your appointment scheduling process based on the client’s requirements.


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